Monday, June 17, 2013

Zone Conference

So it is going good here. Our apartment is really clean, like aunt Peach and uncle Christopher clean. It is weird to have it so clean because everything is so bright.

Zone Conference 

Zone Conference on Tuesday was really good. He also got to see Elder Riley Johnson(one of Elder Shelley's friends he was the swim team captain at Alta the year before Atticus and played water polo with him) he is a district leader and training is Medford, which is only like a 30 min drive from Grants Pass. He also saw another friend that he didn't even know was out there. His name is Elder Jordan Ayre, he knew him because he played Cello in the orchestra. It was crazy to see them again. Elder Shelley is hoping he can see Elder Tanner Barnhill. It would also be cool if they get to serve with each other or at least in the same district or zone.

Elder Shelley wishes he could have talked to his dad on Father's Day for just like 10 minutes. It was really hard for him not to be around his daddy to celebrate Father's Day. He said that Mother's day was hard also but he got to call and talk to her.

He is really liking Grants Pass and the people in the area. He hopes he gets to stay a little longer.

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