Monday, September 16, 2013

Crazy Busy Day

Elder Shelley is hiking Table Rock today. His email came about 1pm and he had already done 2 hours of service, did wash, and went to the store. Then they are headed hiking, to dinner at 5, to teach a lesson at 6, another lesson with a recent convert at 7, visiting members at 8 and then at 9 they have to be back home to plan for tomorrow.

They are teaching two ladies that live in their apartment complex. I am going to cut and paste the next bit right out of his letter. It is interesting how I can turn almost any topic into something related to the gospel. Cynthia knocked on our door and asked if we had internet service and I was like no but wait we don't even have anything that works off wifi. Cynthia was like what, do you know what the internet is. And I was like ya we get to visit sites like and and then she was like what is LDS and then we talked more and she left with a copy of the Book Of Mormon. We have been able to teach her a couple of times and started teaching her room mate Jennifer and we prayed for the flies in her place to quit bugging her and she hasn't seen a fly in her house since then. Prays are answered. 

This is a photo of an 8 foot horse that a guy he meet
restored for a Shakespearean play. The is really cool he is
from Shelley Idaho.
P-day fun! He has learned to solve a rubrics cube.  
Alex will  be so proud for him...
Crazy Pork he made...
Soy sauce, honey, BBQ sauce, lemon juice, garlic powder, chili powder, hot sauce, pepper, and hot chocolate powder as well, it turned out pretty good. He marinated it for a couple of days and then I reduced the extra sauce down and  had rice with it as well. I can't wait for him to come home and cook for me...Not

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