Monday, May 27, 2013

Senior Compainon

Elder Shelley is Senior companion. He is really liking Elder Clinkscales.  Elder Clinkscales is 23 years old and from Thomasville, Georgia.  Both of the elders were in the MTC at the same time but because Elder Shelley knows the area and can drive, so he is the senior companion.  A lot of the other Elders in the area were transferred.  He is sad to see them all go.
This weekend was very hard. The ward had some very hard times. Elder Shelley found out that a 17 year old in the ward killed himself.  One of the sisters in the ward mother was very ill on the way to go see her.  She had a seizure while driving and was in a bad wreak that totaled the car. Before she made it to see her mother, she passed away.  An elderly man in the ward also passed away.  A girl that they are teaching who is pregnant with twins lost one of the babies.  He said that it all happened on Friday and Sat.  He is hoping for a better week this week.

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