Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

So I sent Elder Shelley a cinco de mayo package and in it I put a bottle of homemade salsa which made him a little home sick. They were invited to a family's house and had a great dinner. They had gorditoes with beans, carne asada, queso and spicy fresh salsa. They were awesome.

It has been getting hotter and Elder Shelley is having a hard time sleeping because of the heat. One of the members in the ward had an extra fan and gave it to them. He sleep a lot better last night.

One of the investigators that they are teaching made a comment that made Atticus laugh he said " that we are all winners because we won the first race in life, against thousands of other sperm we were the one that reached the end first." That's what his mom used to tell him when he was younger.

Elder Shelley told me that if I know of any one that is going to Oregon on their mission to get them a care package that has a mask because of the weeds, chew toys to distract the dogs, shin guards because of the little dogs, he has been bit three times on the shins and some how not kicked one of them, a lifting belt to help all of the people move, some rain gear, a hacky sack, and a disk golf Frisbee.

They really enjoyed the temple. He said that it is a small temple but beautiful.

He is so thankful for all of us. He is experiencing a lot of crazy things in Oregon.

Saturday he will be calling us to setup a time to call on Mother's Day. We can't wait to hear from him.

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