Monday, August 26, 2013

Aug. 26, 2013

Elder Shelley has been very busy this week.  His mission covers some of Jacksonville and a little bit of Medford.  He is getting a lot faster on his bike because of the big area they have to cover. His leg muscles are getting big.  He said that it has been raining some and it is hard to ride a bike with his long rain jacket.
They didn't get a chance to go to the pear farm.  He was a little disappointed because tomorrow is the last day of picking so it doesn't look like they will have a chance.  The next picking is in Nov. if he is in the same area he might have a chance then. He is getting really good at making pan fried chicken and gravy.  They have been eating it a lot lately.
There was a new missionary training up in Eugene.  Elder Shelley said it was amazing and he got a lot out of it.  He got to see some of his friends and a lot of the people from his district. Elder Aragon was way excited to see Elder Shelley.

Amazing Sunset...

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