Monday, August 5, 2013

The New Missionary Look!

New Missionary Look

 Elder Shelley has had a lot of down time this week because the fires in OR are so bad. They can't even go tracking right now because the smoke is so bad. Most of the days outside it is like the picture.
They can only go outside if we are going to a scheduled appointment. They can't ride bikes and are supposed to wear masks when they go outside, which is really hot. He likes to wear sunglasses to protect his eyes from the ash. He said biggest fire has already burnt 40,000 acres of land. No houses have burnt down yet. There are four fires that are burning and they can't get to them because they are in rural areas. He thinks they have two of them 10% contained and the other two like 2% contained. It is crazy because they don't know what is really happening because they can't watch TV or get the news. He is safe. There is a lot of ground the fire will have to cover before it gets to Elder Shelley and Atwood.
Elder Shelley mentioned that he got letters this week from some of his friends and he really enjoyed hearing from home.  If you have a few minutes I'm sure he would love to hear from you....
In Elder Shelley's down time this week he has been doing so genealogy and has asked that we send him some books on the Shelley history so that he can learn more about his ancestors.

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