Monday, February 25, 2013

Fun At The MTC

I had to share these letter and photo that can from Sister Zito....Its nice to see that with all there hard work they still have a little time for fun.

So the elders in my district give me a hard time about getting letters because the second day after I got there I got a couple so they decided it would be funny to continue to give me a hard time every time I got a letter... so this week Elder Heaton came back with our mail and he handed me a mysterious Tupperware full of cookies with one of my dear-elders on top. The letter had Vanessa's and Alexis letter in one so i couldn't figure out who sent the cookies... I was so confused all week because no one knew where they came from. Anyway the other day the elders all gathered around me and said... "Sister Zito... we have to tell you something." Elder Heaton pulled out a letter that says... Dear Elder Heaton, We hope you enjoy these cookies we made you... Then it hit me that the mysterious cookies were actually Heatons cookies that he didn't want so he decided it would be funny to make me think they were for me. hahahah I was so mad at him. Well of course I needed my revenge so the next day I took all the cookies and stuffed them in his books, desk, backpack and any little crevice I could find. hahahaha It was so funny. So the next day he drew a sorry note on my desk with an expo marker...

Atticus did the drawing.

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