Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 1

Atticus has been in the MTC for 10 days. He leaves the MTC to Oregon on the 27th of Feb. His companion at the MTC is Elder Taylor from Wisconsin. Only two weeks of training. Here are couple of parts from his letters.
I leave from the MTC to Oregon on the 27th of Feb. My P-day is on Tuesday, so I will get to email you then. I have seen a lot of people that I know. I have met a lot of people that played water polo, and have started some good friend ships. My district is awesome. I only have 30mins on the computer on P-day, so I don't have too much time.

We are already teaching investigators, one is a guy from Alaska. He finally opened up to us yesterday about how he had a near death moment and prayed and was overcome with peace. He then passed out and woke up in the hospital, he was stabbed and shot in the side and throat. The other guy talks a lot but doesn't speak very much English his wife has cancer or died from cancer, his brother is dead and 6 years ago his 14 year old son died from cancer. He doesn't understand why God would have his son suffer through brain cancer, then being Catholic his minister told him that his son is in Hell because he never got baptized. When his son died He tried to kill himself so he thinks God is now mad at him because he tried to brake a covenant by killing, I have only had one lesson with him but it is hard. My teachers are awesome and have helped a lot. Everything is going great, but my butt hurts from sitting so much. Our schedule is packed to the rim. I will try to get pictures to you. Tell everyone I love them. Tell people to write me because I have a lot more time to write letters than to get on to the internet. I will have to tell you about Elder Kupitz because he so dang funny. Everyone is loving here. Our district is getting along so well. Other districts have companions getting in fights. In our zone there were 5 districts but two are leaving today, most of them left this morning at 4:00am. We don't have to meet at the travel desk at the MTC until 8:00am so I am really happy about that. I have seen, Elder Zach Johnson, Sister McDonald, Sister Forte, Elder Ty Jenson, and Elder Connor Townsed. Also others from school.

Elder Atticus Shelley

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