Monday, April 29, 2013

Going to the Temple

Elder Shelley is only emailing and going to the store today but the rest of his P-day will be on Wednesday because he is going to the Medford temple. Hopefully that will be fun. Usually you get to go to the temple every other transfer, so about every three months. The next transfer day is on May 20. He doesn't know if he will be transferred to a new area but is hoping he gets a fun new companion.

Hopefully he will have a baptism this Saturday but he will see tonight.

Elder Shelley has never been so tired in his life mentally, physically and spiritually but he is having the best time in his life. He said "that when he gets home not to be alarmed if we don't see him for days because he will just be sleeping. A mission can be rough sometimes but awesome a lot of the other times."

He learned another game that you play with dominoes, it is called chicken foot. Elder Shelley and Elder Aragon went and shared a message with the empty nester's family home evening and they played chicken foot instead of Mexican train. He said it was fun but they need something to push to make a chicken sound like we have with the train. He can't wait until he gets home to teach us chicken foot. We love to play dominoes as a family.
Hopefully everything is going well, and tell Karen good luck on her mission...

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