Monday, March 25, 2013

I can't wait to go fishing with him...

I sent Elder Shelley and Aargon an Easter package. In it I put 12 eggs with scriptures and an item that represented Christ sufferings for us...Elder Shelley feels like the eggs are a little depressing. I remember when he was a little boy maybe 3 or 4 and saw a photo of Christ on the cross. He was so upset for day and could not believe that anyone could do that to him...He has always had a tender heart. Elder Shelley said he is talking a lot this week about, Jesus Christ and what he did for us. He said that the ward even got a letter from the Prophet to go over Jesus Christ on the 5th Sunday 3rd hour.

I am copying this next part right from Elder Shelley's letter...

We drove up to this one place looking for a name and this huge dog came up to my car door. The dog was taller than the car and it just waited for me to get out of the car, I was a little scared but the dog was nice. But I did get a little dirt on my shoulders because the dog put its paws on my shoulders as he was standing and licked my face. We did talk to the person that lived there and found out the people that we were looking for had moved. People move so much in Oregon.

We helped move this lady that was living in a retirement home. We packed and moved her stuff into a truck for three hours, my back really hurt after that. I also learned the importance of getting rid of things and cleaning things.

We have the baptism coming up this Saturday on the 30th. I am way excited for that.

We play a lot of disk golf, it is like the sport of Oregon.

We also had a funny experience on Friday, a guy stopped and told us how lucky we were to be Mormons because we will be the ones that are saved first and the 2nd coming is going to be on the Summer solstice in 2017. We gave him our phone # and a card, but he was just passing through Grants Pass to go fishing somewhere. I wish we could still go fishing because people talk a lot about fishing here. We will have to do a lot more fishing when I get done with the mission

I can't wait to go fishing with him.

Elder Shelley also said that he is really missing everyone. Both friends and family. He would love to hear from you if you have a minute.

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