Monday, March 18, 2013

Well everything is going really good.

The naked person count is up to three; this week it was a old white lady. Yes, that means opening up the door with nothing on at all.

In better news, the first scheduled baptism is a 9 year old boy (he's 9 so it counts as a convert) the baptism date was originally set for the 16th but has been moved to the 30th. They have been spending two or more hours a day tracting to find new people to teach, this has led to five new investigators in the past week. Because the Book of Mormon can be a little overwhelming, they have been marking stories before they give the book to investigators to help them have a little area to get started reading on.

Last week he went on exchanges with one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Henrie and said it was way awesome. Elder Henrie was Elder Aragon's Trainer so he learned a lot more about him. Exchanges are from 4:30 the one day until the same time the next day. He also met a family with 8 dogs and a bird, he helped to shingle their roof.

There has also been a world wide mission notice: Anyone can e-mail him!

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  1. "naked people count" I like that. I warned you that there were a few hippies in Oregon:-) At least they weren't out working in the yard w/o apparel.I hope all is well for you Elder Shelley. Thanks for the blog Andrea, it is nice to see what is going on and it will be a great journal to look back on.