Monday, April 1, 2013

First Baptism

Elder Shelley had his first baptism (Christoper) on Saturday.  He said that is was awesome, he gave a talk and just when he said amen the ground shook and thunder rolled is was a really loud.  They usually don't get lightning and thunder so everyone was concerned   Elder Shelley confirmed Christoper a member of the church on Sunday during sacrament.

He had a great Easter.  He said "that he learned so much about the Atonement.   He has been very humbled lately by listening to people and having to understand things better so we can teach others."
They are always looking for service project or ways to help others. He likes the joy of helping others and feels it is much better than getting turned down at the door.  They have a new investigator that they are going to start teaching so his prayers are being answered.
He finally had time to build his bike so he is going to be riding more than driving.
Elder Shelley said...I can't wait to come home because I miss you guys so much but I will do as much as I can do to help here, my trainer (Elder Aragon) has a saying, "Get a straw, so you can suck it up."

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