Monday, April 15, 2013

Passed his Interviews...

Elder Shelley started his email this week with We had interviews with President Young and Sister Young on Saturday and I passed so I get to stay for at least a little longer. 
Elder Shelley and Elder Aragon are working with about 15-20 investigators right now and 4 of them on date for baptism. So hopefully there will be some baptisms coming up soon. They started working with this one guy that is so excited to learn about the church. He has been going to church and wants to be baptized. Elder Shelley loves seeing miracles like this on his mission. He likes going tracting because he is enjoying all the people he is meeting.  
Elder Shelley District.  Only one person changed.  He loves his district.

Looking for an address, made a wrong turn and  got a little lost!

He is glad he gets to stay a little longer because is just starting to figure out how to get around...and then he gets lost. He really loves the area.

I can't wait to go in a couple of years to see Grants Pass, OR.
The lesson plan for the Plan of Salvation. 
Elder Shelley challenged us this week to recognize all the ways that Heavenly Father has played a role in our life.  The example he gave was after a water-polo game we had just come out of the parking lot and was headed down the road.  The light was green and for some reason I stopped at the intersection.  Just as Atticus said "mom the light is green why" a car ran the red light going very fast and hit another car.  The car started on fire. We know that if I would not have stopped we would have been in the middle of the accident.  We were being watched over that day.

This week I took his challenge and made Stan and the kids also.  They each had to come up with 1-2 times Heavenly Father played a part in their lives before they got dinner on Sunday.  It was fun sharing them at dinner. I spent a lot of time thinking about ways that Heavenly Father has been there for me.  It's amazing the love he has for us.  

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