Monday, April 22, 2013

Working Hard...

Elder Shelley and Elder Aragon have been working hard this week.  They are leading their zone for the most investigators and most baptizes on date.  They have 20 investigators that they are teaching and 7 of them on date to be baptized.  One of the guys they are teaching is so excited about learning...Elder Shelley said that it is so fun to teach him because he takes notes and wants to learn. Another guy they are teaching has been going through some hard times.  His friend told to find the LDS church and go. So he went to church last week and they have been teaching him.  
Elder Shelley is not liking that their car got sent to another area.  They are having to ride their bikes more.  He said that on Friday and Saturday alone they biked 20 miles.  When they are not riding their bikes they are walking but it gives them opportunities to talk to people on the streets.
He still loves the service hours he is putting in.  He did 10 hours just this weekend.
He ended his email saying "I can't wait until Mother's day because I will get to talk to you in person."
Only three more weeks until Mother's day. I can't wait...
At what point does this get easier????

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