Monday, April 8, 2013

Right from Elder Shelley's email today..."Conference was awesome, I think this is the only time I have been able to watch all of the sessions and stay awake. I think three of the most important topics they pushed this conference was missionary work, faith, and obedience. You should write things down when you listen to what the people say. You might write down weird things but it is fun to have what you were thinking about. I wrote like six pages of things I liked and had impressions to write down. My favorite talks were probably Elder Jeffery R. Holland and Enrique L. Falabella of the seventy, they were both really funny. President Monson's talk about the fire was really funny also, especially his facial expressions. I also really liked the Priesthood session, hopefully dad and Alex watched it."

Elder Shelley got sick yesterday, Sunday, with a soar throat. He couldn't even talk really, He want to just sleep. He is doing really good now and can barely tell he was sick. He fasted and prayed that he would get better and he is better today. So fasting does work. 
He still hasn't gotten to ride his bike but their car is getting moved down to Medford, OR. so they will be car sharing with some other missionaries.  Now they will have to ride there bikes. It has been raining a lot and so he has been regretting biking because he doesn't want to get soaked. They hiked like 2 miles to go to this house and then found out the people were asleep. They talked to their son for a little bit. They will be driving up to their house because it was such a pain. The picture is of how far up the house is.

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